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2 min readMar 12, 2024

If you need help finding employees in the global market, welcome to NEWHR!

👉 8 years of work with candidates from different countries, we perfectly know the community and, more importantly, candidates know us!

👉 We specialize in hiring experts in SW development, IT infrastructure, QA, Product and Project Management, Analysts and Data Science, AI, NLP, digital marketing.

👉 Top-quality search for both Seniors and Managers, including tops: СТО, CIO, CISO, СРО, CDO and Head of analytics, CMO, HRD, СОО and CEO.

👉 We also provide consulting services and help to make your job search process efficient and transparent.

What else?
✅ 300+ satisfied clients, from startups at the idea stage to large corporations. The brands of some of our clients can be found on our website.
✅ The average time to fill a Senior opening is from 3 to 4 weeks
✅ If you don’t understand why your opening isn’t filling, we’ll tell you what’s happening in the market and what hiring strategy to choose to hire the right person
✅ Some references from our clients — via the link: https://newhr.org/#clients

What we offer:
If you grow your business in the global market and want to hire expert talents, we have a special offer of services for you!
We are fully prepared for onboarding new openings. You have the opportunity to get on the list of our clients for 2024 and start looking for your dream employees right after the holidays.

Please contact us via email: kira@new.hr, we will tell you about us and how we can be useful for you 🙏



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